Christmas Party Cruise on the Danube River

Most companies deem a Christmas party as one of the top highlights of the year.
Typical company christmas parties are traditionally celebrated in rented halls, in typical, traditional fashion.

Well, why not blow tradition this year by celebrating Christmas in the Ingolstadt area?


Why a Riverboat for a Christmas Party?

The planning and hosting of a christmas party on a riverboat enters the minds of few. That’s why it serves a more exciting choice. A riverboat is suitable for a christmas party or similar events for many reasons, including:

  • A riverboat offers an extraordinary location with it’s own flair.
  • It offers an undisturbed space that is only there for you and your colleagues.
  • It offers variation via the cruising movement of the riverboat itself.
  • Flexible pier docking provides assorted points for on/off locations.
  • Our professional teams cater to you during the entire duration of the event and take care to provide the most appropriate and festive program.


What is Offered?

When you celebrate with us on the water, you and your colleagues receive a broad spectrum entertainment package. Of course, fine dining is a big highlight on our cruises and you can plan with us your own individual menu. For Christmas, classics such as duck or goose can be offered. But it can also be a trimmed down bratwurst and potato salad meal – you decide. Naturally with such a merry celebration mulled wine (warm Glühwein) should not be missed.

Besides stilling your appetite and appeasing your eye, we also have your entertainment in sight. Accordingly, we offer an accompanying entertainment program. Here it is possible for the appearance of a live band to provide background music as well as the appearance of other types of artists. You, yourself and other participants can also take the lead on the microphone during the evening program festivity. Naturally, the Location is decorated appropriately so that a christmassy atmosphere results. The individual tables shall be adorned with matching accessories such as tablecloths, napkins and Christmas ornaments. The riverboat itself shines equally in celebrative, good cheer. Contact and challenge us with your individual wishes!


Your Competent Partner for Riverboat Cruises within the Region of Ingolstadt

You wish to rent a riverboat for your Christmas Party or other event in the Ingolstadt area or Bavaria in general? Then we have been active for many years with our riverboat events in the Ingolstadt region. Since it is not possible to navigate our riverboat along the Danube river to Ingolstadt, the next piers/docks are located either in Kelheim or Riedenburg. You and all participants can happily look forward to the perfect entertainment on the water with us. The fun is guarantied. Contact us today to book your riverboat event in the Ingolstadt area.